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I need more information on Name A Star
When you purchase the Name A Star gift - a star in the sky is registered in the name of the person you want it for. Thereafter that particular star will be called by that name.

Who does the registration, where does this gift come from?
The registration for this star is done in UK and the gift box for the same is shipped from there. We gift-wrap and redirect it in India. The box contains details of which star has been named, gift message from you, sky map, stars booklet to identify your star in the sky and some other documents. Contact information will be included in the gift pack.

Can I see the star for the NAME A STAR product in the sky?
The gift pack contains all information - including star coordinates, location of the star and a booklet to identify your star in the sky.

The star is located in the Northern Hemisphere and is in the Indian sky however, due to pollution levels in most Indian cities - most stars are not visible in the night sky. As such you may not be able to see your named star. Usually professional equipment and technique along with a pollution free environment is required to spot any particular star in the sky.

Can I choose a particular star for myself?
Due to the exceptionally fast delivery time we offer - we need to process all orders on priority and automatically register immediately. As such you will get a randomly assigned star and we are not able to provide an option to choose your star.


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