Information about the original NAME A STAR product delivered in India

Naming A Star in India
I need more information about Naming A Star
Stars in the sky have different names as assigned by scientists. A registry in United Kingdom assigns names to these stars for people who can pay a small fee. This registree is usually not followed by scientists but is available for the public in general. So you can have a star registered in the name of your wife, mother, boyfriend etc.
Who does the registration, where does this gift come from?
The registration for this star is done in UK and the gift set is shipped from there. We gift-wrap and redirect it in India. The box contains details of the star that has been named, personalied gift message, sky map, stars booklet to identify your star in the sky and some other documents all of which are imported.
Naming A Star in India
Can I see the star for the NAME A STAR product in the sky?
The gift pack contains all information - including star coordinates, location of the star and a booklet to identify your star in the sky. However, due to pollution levels in most cities it may be difficult to spot the star without expertise and professional equipment.
Can I choose a particular star location for myself?
You can choose to name the star whatever name you want. But since we process registrations instantly to ensure fast delivery in India - we are unable to provide an option to choose a particular location of the star in the sky.
Is this a good gift to give to someone special?
The Name A Star product a very popular gift world-wide. You can view CUSTOMER FEEDBACK HERE to see the opinion of customers who have purchased this product.
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