Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability
We believe that doing business responsibly and sustainably is important for long-term growth within the company and for contributing towards making our society healthier and stronger.

To achieve these objectives we focus on the following:
A. Community wellbeing and empowerment through multiple initiatives
B. Environment protection through judicious resource usage & green initiatives

Take a look at a selection of organisations that are doing great work in these fields and the small but significant contributions made over the years by excitingLives, its employees and even customers.

Delhi Riots Relief  DELHI
NGOs and other organisations have attempted to provide assistance to those who lost lives and property during the Delhi riots (2020). excitingLives has provided monetary aid for the effort.
Tamil Nadu Cyclone Relief  TAMIL NADU
Various independent organisations are working to mitigate the suffering caused by cyclones in Tamil Nadu (2018). excitingLives has provided aid for this effort.
Kerala Flood Relief  KERALA
The Chief Minister's relief fund is working to alleviate the disastrous floods in Kerala (2018). excitingLives has provided aid for this effort.
Save The Children  DELHI
This organisation reaches out to the most marginalised children and their families to help them survive, thrive, and learn. We support their cause through sponsorships.
Robin Hood Army  DELHI
This unique organisation works to provide food and eduction to the hungry in our cities. We support their cause through volunteering and organisation.
Giftabled aims to empower people with disabilities across several aspects of their life and support them in living with dignity. We have provided support to their programs through sponsorship.
Need Base India  BANGALORE
This organisation works towards addressing the basic and fundamental rights of child care, protection, health and education for children living on streets, runaway children, orphans, children out of school or children under challenging situations. We have provided support to their programs through sponsorship.
Utkramit Madhya Vidyalaya  MUZAFFARPUR
A small school in Bihar that provides eduction to the underprivileged is making a big difference to the lives of the population in the area. excitingLives has regularly worked with the school to provide support in infrastructure.
Make A Wish Foundation  DELHI
Make Wish International was formed in 1993 to help realize the wishes of terminally ill childred. Over 334,000 wishes worldwide to some very deserving children have been filfilled over the years. We have worked with the organisation to fulfil a variety of wishes sponsored directly by us or through customers.
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