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Neemrana Fort Palace, Neemrana Neemrana Fort Palace, Neemrana

Built since 1464 AD, Neemrana Fort-Palace is among India's oldest heritage resorts. Neemrana became the third capital of the descendants of Prithviraj Chauhan III, who was killed in battle by Mohammad Ghori in 1192 AD. This picturesque site was chosen by Raja Rajdeo and Neemrana derived its name from a brave local chieftain Nimola Meo, who when defeated by the Chauhans, pleaded that his name be given to his lost kingdom.

It is Rajasthan's closest palace from New Delhi, situated at 122 kms. on the Delhi-Jaipur highway - only 100 kms from Delhi's international airport. Sited on a majestic plateau, concealed in a horseshoe formation of the billion year old Aravalli ranges.

The property covers 25 acres/10 hectares and the stepped palaces of this architectural jewel cut into the hillside to sprawl over 3 acres/1.2 hectares and rises to 10 levels commanding the most splendid views. Including a vista pool to the horizon. From 1986, the ruins of this Fort-Palace have been sensitively restored and reconstructed. The rooms are furnished with an eclectic mix of traditional Indian and colonial furniture, antiques and objets d'art. Most rooms have private balconies or terraces and the loos are designed to have views!


Villa Pottipati, Malleshwaram Villa Pottipati, Malleshwaram

A garden home in Malleswaram, once the vegetarian-Brahmin stronghold of Bangalore. The name Pottipati derives from a village in Andhra Pradesh from where its owners, the Reddy family, originally migrated here.

Among the bustle of glass and concrete towers, relish pastoral charm, under a giant Shivalinga tree, Gulmohars, Jacarandas and Jack Fruit trees with parterres full of crotons and seasonal flowers. The intimacy of old-world-rooms , a granite pillared lounge with a skylight, with basic business hotel facilities and a small conference room.

When you stay at Villa Pottipati you join Bangalore’s fight to retain its magnificent heritage structures by making restoration a viable, self-sustainable tourism activity.


Hill Fort Kesroli, Alwar Rajasthan Hill Fort Kesroli, Alwar Rajasthan

The 14th century Hill-Fort, Kesroli is the oldest heritage site in India where you can stay. Sited atop the rare, dark Hornstone Breccia rocks, it commands splendid agrarian views from its ramparts which rise to 50-65 meters/ 150-200 feet. Kesroli makes an ideal base to visit the neighbouring palaces, museums and sanctuaries of Alwar & Sariska.

The origins of the seven-turreted Hill-Fort Kesroli are traced back to over six centuries. It is reputed to have been built by the Yaduvanshi Rajputs, descendants of Lord Krishna, who converted to Islam in the mid-14th century to be called Khanzadas.

It subsequently changed hands, being conquered by the Mughals and the Jats before reverting to the Rajputs in 1775 when the princely state of Alwar was founded. It saw its golden period under the Ranawat Thakur Bhawani Singh (1882-1934), renowned for his equestrian skills.

Located in the heart of the 'golden triangle'. Kesroli is almost equidistant from the tourist sites of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. It makes an ideal base to visit the Sariska tiger sanctuary, Kankwadi fort, Neelkanth Temples, Pandupol, the monuments of Tijara, Siliserh Lake, Jaisamand Lake,Bhangarh-Ajabgarh, the hot springs in Talvriksh, Rajgarh, Machari, Viratnagar, Deeg, the sanctuary in Bharatpur, the Jat mud fort of Govindgarh,the ancient city of Mathura and its renowned museum.


Hotel De L Orient, Pondicherry Hotel De L Orient, Pondicherry

When a comptoir of les Indes caught the imagination of the whole Occident. When the Orientalists painted picturesque landscapes and portraits of a colourful people as yet uncaptured by the camera.

Some marvellous architecture arose on the French coastline of Pondichéry. Today, one such mansion reopens, restored with furniture, art and comforts unknown to the 18th century. Sail the river of time. Flow back to a graceful era when Punkhawallas gently fanned the air and Tamil spices mixed with French restraint to give you the renowned Creole cuisine.

You can indulge in local sight-seeing, visit to nearby temples, Sacred Heart church, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Heritage walks, boating, camp fire, swimming, roman treasure trail trip to Arikamedu , Sea cruise, trekking (on extra cost). Or take time out for an excursion to Gingy Fort, Auroville and a visit of the Matri Mandir.


Verandah In The Forest, Matheran Verandah In The Forest, Matheran

Raised like a dream in the Sahyadri ranges - a new path in the forest clears up in Matheran, the last British hill station. Chug up in a toy train or walk, trot, dandi in palanquins past the gigantic mansions built by the British, the Parsis, and the Bohras - for Matheran is Asia's only pedestrian hill resort.

Lounge like never before in a verandah of your dreams. Read under the highest domestic ceiling you would have known. Stroll down to Charlotte Lake. Relish the local cuisines. Find space for more space in your mind. 19th century peace now returns for Mumbai's residents again as they will lose themselves to find themselves anew.

While there visit the nearby Chardlotte lake, go for long walks, trekking and to view points.


Arco Iris, Goa Arco Iris, Goa

Arco Iris is a unique homestay in Goa. It has the luxury of an ideal location as it overlooks a seasonal lake and is in close proximity to the Zuari river. This homestay in Goa is located in Curtorim, which is a quiet part of South Goa. It is a great option for those looking for peaceful accommodation in Goa, away from the hustle and bustle of crowded North Goa. Owned by Ganesh and Bennita, it is a restored heritage bungalow and is run as a charming Noble Home by Neemrana Hotels. One stay here will get you started on the discovery of exceptional accommodation in Goa.


Cabana Dempo, Goa Cabana Dempo, Goa

While most villas in Goa are born with state of the art facilities, only a few of these have the luxury of a beach location. Cabana Dempo is one such up market beach resort in Goa which almost owns its waters. The ancestral 19th century home of the Dempo family of Goa, is an intimate beach bungalow and is run as a charming Noble Home by Neemrana Hotels. This is a rare bungalow literally located on the Siradoa beach, 50 meters from the water. Its quiet, idyllic setting by a fishing village offers an insight into their lifestyle. It is a great option for those looking for peaceful villas in Goa away from the hustle and bustle of the city. One stay at this beach resort in Goa will get you started on the discovery of Neemrana’s unique heritage properties in India.


Baradari Palace, Patiala Baradari Palace, Patiala

A sprawling garden-palace in the heart of culturally-rich Patiala, this 19th century architectural marvel is one of the heritage hotels in Patiala restored by the Neemrana group that you can now discover ! The Baradari Palace has not so much raised the bar of hotels in Punjab, but it has worked concertedly towards creating another niche whereby the experiencing of history and its architectural treasures has now become a part of the Punjab tourism repertoire. If the Patiala peg spells quantity – then in the same tradition, The Baradari Palace is one of the few heritage hotels in Patiala and hotels in Punjab that speaks volumes on hospitality and space !


Divans Bunglow, Ahmedabad Divans Bunglow, Ahmedabad

Divan’s Bungalow – born in history and still remains soaked in its beauty is one such heritage hotel near Ahmedabad airport which is a small architectural jewel in its own right. A fountain fore court, a hidden garden, and eight rooms that have been lovingly restored – making Divan’s Bungalow one of the unique and intimate budget hotels in Ahmedabad. This hotel near Ahmedabad airport is an ideal choice for travellers in search of a haven from the daily hustle and bustle of crowded Ahmedabad. One stay here will get you started on the discovery of one of the best budget hotels in Ahmedabad for ambience and authenticity !


Glasshouse On The Ganges, Rishikesh Glasshouse On The Ganges, Rishikesh

The Glasshouse on the Ganges honours both an extraordinary historical site as well as a magical natural spot. Set in a lychees and mango orchard of The Maharaja of Tehri Garhwal, with a garden of tropical plants, full of rare birds and butterflies, it has a sand beach of its own. This secluded property has six cottages overlooking the Ganges and the mountains beyond. Its private spring water matches the qualities of the best mineral waters in the world, which you can bathe in! The Glasshouse offers leisure, reading, log fires and even a barbecue near the banks of the river.

The Glasshouse is located 23 kms. above Rishikesh on the route to Badrinath.

You can sunbathe, jungle walk, river raft and can fish with a permit. Water skiing in Dak Pathar near Dehradun and winter sports in Auli are recommended. Or you can visit the neighbouring temples and ashrams for evening arti.


Piramal Haveli, Shekhavati Piramal Haveli, Shekhavati

This was the home of Seth Piramal Chaturbhuj Makharia (1892-1958) whose fortune was made in Bombay, trading in cotton, opium, silver and other commodities. Built in the Rajasthani-colonial style of the 1920's, The Piramal Haveli is an 8-room 'non-hotel.' It is 250 kms from Delhi and 100 kms from Neemrana and is run by the same management.

Here, the famed traditional vegetarian cuisine of the Marwaris is served in thalis. Dinners on the sand dunes can also be arranged at a prior notice, for a minimum of 6 guests.The region of Shekhavati, where The Piramal Haveli is located, was made into an independent kingdom in 1471 by Rao Shekha (1433-1488), till 1738, when it reverted back to the Jaipur State. The Haveli has traditional courtyards enclosed by colonial pillared corridors. Frescoes of flying angels and gods in motor cars adorn the walls.


Ramgarh Bungalows, Kumaon Ramgarh Bungalows, Kumaon

In the foothills of the Himalayas, The Old Bungalow- 1830, and The Writers' Bungalow -1860, are located in the fruit basket of the Kumaon region. These heritage structures once housed the British and Indian officers as well as their wives who travelled on horseback and palanquins.

Many writers and thinkers have been drawn to the beauty of Ramgarh: Sri Aurobindo and Narain Swami established ashrams, Rabindranath Tagore wrote some of his major work-even contemplating founding Shantiniketan here; Mahadevi Verma made it her home and some of India's leading industrial families continue to have sprawling orchards. From May to September the orchards by the Writers' and Old Bungalows hang with Apricots, Plums, Peaches, Pears and Apples.


Green Hills Estate, Coorg Green Hills Estate, Coorg

The Green Hills Estate was the residence of the Diwans of Rajas of the Coorg in the South-West Karnataka. IT was built in 1898 by Apparanda Rao Bhadur Chengappa. He was the son of the Diwan Bopanna. Designed by Swiss architect this grand mansion sits on the raised clearing in the rainforest, among a hundred acres of coffe and cardamon plantations, paddy feilds and the pepper vines. Its skyline is silhouetted with areca and coconut plams, wild mango, rosewood & a large Burmese mahogany tree. It suites are named after prize winning horses with Chengappa, its current owner, raced on the courses of Banglore and Madras.

Driving to the Green Hills Estate takes one across the Cauvery river- which flows five kilometres from the property - past rolling coffe and rubber plantations and forests full of giant bamboo clumps. The neighbouring Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary remains the best preserved habitat of the Asian elephant, the tiger, the spotted deer and the bison.

The interiors are reminiscent of the planters' bungalows with lazy furniture and rosewood panelled walls. The stately mansion of Green Hills is full of memorabilia of he ancestor-worshipping family who still inhabits the estate: silver & animal trophies, photographs and books.


Le Colonial, Cochin Le Colonial, Cochin

Le Colonial, by the Chinese fishing nets of Cochin is probably Asia's oldest colonial house- dating back to 1506. Just adjacent to St. Francis Church, it is reputed to have housed Vasco da Gama and the Saint. After 150 years as the Protuguese Governer's home, it was one of the rare houses not to be destroyed when Dutch took Fort Cochin. It housed the Dutch Governors for century and a half till Ian vas Spall sold it to the British in 1795, who in turn, passed it to J.Thomas, the legendary English trader of tea.

These five captive centuries of history, have been lovingly restored and a veritable living museum. Art treasures from the colonial past now revive a scent of that era, making it a 'club' for discerning travellers.

Rides with Le Colonial you on high sea galleons to the days of adventures, governors and sultans. Have a true Neemrana 'non-hotel' Hotel experience.


Deco House, Dehradun Deco House, Dehradun

Unlike other hotels in Dehradun, which are located in the city, this bungalow is located just 5 km from the airport, in the middle of a forest, beside a peaceful village. This accommodation in Dehradun which dates back to the early 20th century, has been restored by Neemrana Hotels and is now run as a charming Noble Home. Deco House offers guests the opportunity to walk to the surrounding woods to admire the Mango, Teak, and Lychee trees. Not all hotels in Dehradun offer this experience. The spacious, old-world rooms make Deco House a unique accommodation in Dehradun.


Deo Bagh, Gwalior Deo Bagh, Gwalior

While most heritage hotels in Gwalior are born with the beauty and treasures of history, only some of the best hotels in India have the luxury of housing architectural treasures within the property. Deo Bagh is one such example. Two 17th-18th century Maratha temples, two splendid cenotaphs and one pavilion with 36 arched doors, within the property makes Deo Bagh a unique choice of accommodation in Gwalior! The 15 rooms spread across 5 wings, facing a Nau Bagh, a garden chequered into nine parts are a haven of calm from the daily hustle and bustle of the Indian street. For anyone looking for accommodation in Gwalior, Deo Bagh is a great option. One stay here will get you started on the discovery of the most unique hotels in Gwalior!


The Gate House, Tamil Nadu The Gate House, Tamil Nadu

As you enter this exotic little beach town is the old ‘Gate’, and on its right is the property aptly called ‘The Gate House” – an authentic and meticulously restored 100-year-old-building.

From doors to pillars, chairs and tables to cots and almirahs, every item is an authentic period piece. The courtyard, corridor, stairway and rooms lend a feeling of space, privacy and pampered luxury. The gentle breeze of the sea – barely a 10 minute walk away – and the intoxicating smell and sight of vintage teak wood furniture, sepia-toned photographs, paintings and artefacts, make the ‘Gate House’ a perfect example of conservation. You feel like a house guest in a stately home here, what with the personalised round-the-clock service.


Bunglow On The Beach, Tharangambadi TN Bunglow On The Beach, Tharangambadi TN

Amongst the many styles of architecture of the various Neemrana ‘non-hotel’ Hotels is The Bungalow on the Beach which dates back to the time of the Danish in India. Just adjacent to the Dansborg Fort, the restored Bungalow stands as a reminder of a Danish Admiral, Ove Gjedde, sent by the king of Denmark with two ships.

This bygone era of history has been lovingly restored. Art treasures from the colonial past now revive an authentic scent of the Danish in India, making it the ideal choice for discerning directors that endeavour to portray a history. The premises offers ample opportunities for outdoor shots without any external disturbances and vast opportunities for creative directors who can adapt their locales with an inventive imagination. There is a choice of two pools – one by the sea, and the other in a courtyard garden.


Darbargarh Palace, Morvi Darbargarh Palace, Morvi

Reflected in the Macchu river, the 19th century Darbargadh spreads out all the glory and magnificence of a century made eternal by the patronage of maharajas .
The Jadejas ruled Morvi from the 17th century, but the oldest wing of their palaces that remain at Darbargadh, dates back to circa 1885 and is credited to HH Shri Waghji Rawaji Thakore.
Wooden stairways lead to marble galleries that skirt the palace while spacious public areas lead to equally vast suites with bathrooms the size of apartments ! A palm-fringed garden sits on one edge while a fountain bubbles in one of the courts.
Kathiavad is rich in monuments – even with an Indus Valley site at Lothal – and pilgrim spots which can be accessed from Morvi


The Tower House, Cochin The Tower House, Cochin

The Tower House, is one of the few hotels in Fort Kochi that sits facing the Chinese fishing nets, marking the spot of a 17th century light house and hence the name. The scallop-walled twin-house looks rather like a ship and is a great option if you are looking for unique budget hotels in Cochin rather than a homestay in Cochin. The revitalization of this 17th century building to one of the heritage hotels in Fort Kochi by Neemrana involved adherence to the values of being honest to the time we live in while respecting the past. Discover the old world charm where, sailors, travellers, traders, planters feasted and danced under chandeliers, suspended from high wooden ceilings. Only a few budget hotels in Cochin offer reasonable room rates and the same warmth of a homestay in Cochin.


Wallwood Gardens, Coonoor Wallwood Gardens, Coonoor

Amongst the many styles of architecture of the various Neemrana non-hotel Hotels is the Wallwood Garden – a 19th century Scottish home that has been lovingly restored.

It is a fine example of indigenous Scotch architecture with high ceilings and fire places and a gorgeous view of the pomological gardens.

The period rooms – dating back to the mid 19th century, have been refurbished with fine pieces of collector’s art and furniture in a contemporary, uncluttered feel. The rooms are named after the trees and flowers found in the botanical gardens of Coonoor.

The old Scottish lifestyle makes it the ideal choice for discerning film directors that endeavour to portray history.


La Maison Tamoule, Pondicherry La Maison Tamoule, Pondicherry

Your search for the most “authentic” Pondicherry hotels ends here. Neemrana’s La Maison Tamoule is a hotel in Pondy which is located on Calve Supraya Chettiar Street. It is one of those experiential budget hotels in Pondicherry, which is not just located in the Tamil quarters, but soaked in ambience: a Tamil House with French and Baroque architecture, now revitalised. Its unique characteristics make it distinct from the other budget hotels in Pondicherry. With attangudi tiles on the floor, and arched stained glass windows, this building is now a restored jewel of a hotel in Pondy. One stay here will get you started on the discovery of one of the most unique Pondicherry hotels and introduce you to the Neemrana brand of heritage hotels in India.


Isha Vilas, Goa Isha Vilas, Goa

Neemrana’s first noble home, Ishavilas is a private, fully-serviced luxury villa located in the sleepy town of Siolim in Goa. The villa takes its name from the Hindu word ‘Isha’ which means the formless primordial source of creation.

Not the average rental villa, it was designed and built by a series of two Owners since 2000 for use as their second home. As a home, it is being spruced up and decorated as more art arrives. You will feel very much as if you are stepping into a private home rather than a rental villa


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