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Outstanding Stuff For Your Sweetheart!
If you're looking for out-of-the-world unique ideas for Valentine's Day this year - look no further! From sexy toys to handcrafted jewelry
and personalised gifts loaded with love, EL's got just the things for your special someone.
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Gifts Beer Soap
Clean up with beer!
Rs. 525  [$9]
Get your partner a wristwatch. Inscribe it with: "I always have time for you."
Identify that one pivotal event that brought the two of you together. Celebrate that event every year.
Gifts Soulmates Mugs
Mug set for soulmates
Rs. 390  [$7]
Gifts Sunrise Necklace
Rs. 300  [$5]
Gifts Super Couple Rejuvenation
Rejuvenation for couple
Rs. 9500  [$158]

Gifts Beer Surprise
Beer lovers gift...
Rs. 1475  [$25]
Gifts Wrap Me Around You
Romantic throw blanket
Rs. 2800  [$47]
Practice even-day/odd-day romance: On even days itís your turn to be romantic, and on odd days itís your partnerís turn.
Following a bubble bath youíve prepared for her, wrap her in a towel that youíve warmed up in the dryer.
Write your partner a love letter or poem on one sheet of paper. Glue it to thin cardboard, cut it up into puzzle-shaped pieces, then mail all the pieces. Or, mail one puzzle piece per day!
Gifts Wanted Personalised Poster
Create your wanted poster
Rs. 195  [$3]

Gifts Abhyangam Experience
Ayurvedic spa
Rs. 2250  [$38]
Gifts Beauty Of Friendship Pendant
Unique pendant and chain
Rs. 3220  [$54]
Gifts Divine Earrings Box
Excellent jewelry box!
Rs. 1995  [$33]
Gifts Naughty Nightshades
Hints at night with these eyemasks
Rs. 590  [$10]
Gifts Love You Hamesha Pendant & Chain
Heart shaped pendant with chain
Rs. 1290  [$22]
Visit a karaoke bar and surprise your lover by getting up and singing "your song" to him/her.

Gifts Naked Woman Glass
Seriously suggestive glasses
Rs. 599  [$10]
Gifts Personalised Samsung Galaxy Cover
Personalised cover for your Samsung phone
Rs. 499  [$8]
Gifts Retro Phone Handset
Cool accessory for your phone!
Rs. 799  [$13]
Kidnap her! Blindfold her. Drive her around town until sheís thoroughly lost. Then reveal your destination: Her favorite restaurant, or maybe a romantic inn.
Gifts Lifestyle Shopping Pack
Shopping vouchers
Rs. 3000  [$50]
Gifts Ring For Sex Bell
Bell for the good times
Rs. 475  [$8]

Gifts Jewelry Box
Multi purpose jewelry box
Rs. 1450  [$24]
Gifts Love Candle
Lovers candle!
Rs. 950  [$16]
Make a giant greeting card out of a big cardboard box, (such as the type used to pack a refrigerator).
Itís romanticóbut commonplaceóto eat dinner by candlelight. So hereís a change of pace: Eat breakfast by candlelight.
Gifts Happy Hookers
Suggestive little key hooks
Rs. 390  [$7]
Gifts Gold Rose
Amazing gift of love
Rs. 1255  [$21]

Gifts Love Potion
Paint and lick!
Rs. 525  [$9]
Gifts Wine Tasting Tour
Visit vineyards and taste wine!
Rs. 2000  [$33]
Gifts Bliss - Combo Spa Treat
Relaxing ritual for the feet & hands
Rs. 935  [$16]
Gifts Bar Tools Gift Set
Compact collection of bar tools
Rs. 3495  [$58]
Gifts Kama Sutra Playing Cards
Naughty cards for adults
Rs. 550  [$9]
Spend the entire day watching romantic movies.

Gifts Heritage Break
Flexible holiday gift pack
Rs. 6990  [$117]
Gifts Mix Em Up Necklace
Stylish seeds and beads set!
Rs. 315  [$5]
Gifts Personalised Photo Jigsaw Puzzle
Pics on jigsaw...
Rs. 990  [$17]
Buy a lottery ticket. Give it to your partner with a little note attached: "I hit the jackpot when I married you!"
Gifts Toolkit Wheel
Stylish toolkit for him
Rs. 875  [$15]
Gifts Crystal Head Shot Glass
Scary shotglasses
Rs. 445  [$7]

Gifts Tequila Bat Tray
The right way to have your Tequila shots
Rs. 1350  [$23]
Gifts High Heel Bottle Holder
Serve your liquor in style
Rs. 2350  [$39]
Gifts Photo Canvas Cushion
Personalised canvas cushions
Rs. 625  [$10]
Gifts Treasure Box
Antique looking storage box
Rs. 1875  [$31]
Pick flowers for your partner from the side of the road.
Gifts Name Pendant
Personalised with your name!
Rs. 2900  [$48]

Gifts Car Emergency Tool
Must have for every car owner
Rs. 790  [$13]
Gifts Kamasutra Coasters
Drinking to get in the mood?
Rs. 225  [$4]
Gifts Name A Star
For a loved one...
Rs. 1750  [$29]
Gifts Sexicup
Hot set of shot glasses!
Rs. 545  [$9]
Gifts Disco Diva Feather Bra
For the wild nights!
Rs. 690  [$12]
Gifts Secret Box
The box that doesn't open!
Rs. 499  [$8]

Gifts Love Mug
Your picture in hearts
Rs. 255  [$4]
Gifts Red Mosaic Candle Holder
Wonderful red glimmering candle holder
Rs. 1200  [$20]
Gifts Snow Globe Photo Frame
Watch snow dance around your pics
Rs. 490  [$8]
Gifts Personalised Champagne Flutes
Glasses engraved with your names
Rs. 1150  [$19]
Gifts Personalised Candle
Your pics on a candle...
Rs. 1125  [$19]
Gifts Message In A Bottle
Personalised message in a bottle
Rs. 1490  [$25]

Gifts Balinese Massage Experience
Uniquely relaxing time...
Rs. 3400  [$57]
Gifts I Love You Candle
The romantic candle
Rs. 1125  [$19]
Donít just go out to a movie on Saturday, like always. Call your partner from work on Wednesday and formally ask for a date.
Call a local radio station and request a special love song to be dedicated to your partner. Make sure he or she is listening!
Gifts I Love You Because Poster
Bright red personalised poster special ones
Rs. 195  [$3]
Gifts Secret Hearts Diary
Diary for your deepest secrets
Rs. 799  [$13]

Gifts Heart Warming Light
The most romantic desktop light in the world
Rs. 390  [$7]
Write "I Love You" bathroom mirror with a piece of soap.
Gifts Photo Mirror
Romantic vanity mirror with your picture
Rs. 550  [$9]
Gifts Wooden Grapes Necklace
Grapes on your neck!
Rs. 375  [$6]
Gifts Window To Love Photoframe
Romantic stylish photo frame
Rs. 999  [$17]
Gifts Dil Ki Chabi
Cool key-rack
Rs. 780  [$13]

Gifts Couple Hot Stone Foot
Rs. 2990  [$50]
Gifts Vodka Drinkers Glasses
Russian design vodka glasses
Rs. 400  [$7]
Gifts Club Watch Box
Stylish watch holder for him!
Rs. 2395  [$40]
Gifts Glow In The Dark Boxer Shorts
Bulb and message glows in the dark!
Rs. 599  [$10]
Gifts Hundred Reasons I Love You
Bucket with love quotes!
Rs. 750  [$13]
Gifts Man Cooking Apron
Fun apron with all accessories for him
Rs. 1375  [$23]

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