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Outstanding Stuff For Your Sweetheart!
If you're looking for out-of-the-world unique ideas for Valentine's Day this year - look no further! From sexy toys to handcrafted jewelry
and personalised gifts loaded with love, EL's got just the things for your special someone.
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Gifts Heart Warming Light
The most romantic desktop light in the world
Rs. 390  [$7]
Practice even-day/odd-day romance: On even days itís your turn to be romantic, and on odd days itís your partnerís turn.
Gifts Crystal Head Shot Glass
Scary shotglasses
Rs. 445  [$7]
Following a bubble bath youíve prepared for her, wrap her in a towel that youíve warmed up in the dryer.
Gifts Gold Rose
Amazing gift of love
Rs. 1255  [$21]
Gifts Beauty Of Friendship Pendant
Unique pendant and chain
Rs. 3220  [$54]

Write your partner a love letter or poem on one sheet of paper. Glue it to thin cardboard, cut it up into puzzle-shaped pieces, then mail all the pieces. Or, mail one puzzle piece per day!
Visit a karaoke bar and surprise your lover by getting up and singing "your song" to him/her.
Gifts Super Couple Rejuvenation
Rejuvenation for couple
Rs. 9500  [$158]
Gifts Love Potion
Paint and lick!
Rs. 525  [$9]
Kidnap her! Blindfold her. Drive her around town until sheís thoroughly lost. Then reveal your destination: Her favorite restaurant, or maybe a romantic inn.
Gifts Sun Pendant
Necklace with the sun!
Rs. 990  [$17]

Gifts Balinese Massage Experience
Uniquely relaxing time...
Rs. 3400  [$57]
Gifts I Love You Because Poster
Bright red personalised poster special ones
Rs. 195  [$3]
Gifts Divine Earrings Box
Excellent jewelry box!
Rs. 1995  [$33]
Gifts Personalised Candle
Your pics on a candle...
Rs. 1125  [$19]
Gifts Photo Canvas Cushion
Personalised canvas cushions
Rs. 625  [$10]
Gifts Abhyangam Experience
Ayurvedic spa
Rs. 2250  [$38]

Gifts Naked Woman Glass
Seriously suggestive glasses
Rs. 599  [$10]
Gifts Snow Globe Photo Frame
Watch snow dance around your pics
Rs. 490  [$8]
Gifts Lifestyle Shopping Pack
Shopping vouchers
Rs. 3000  [$50]
Gifts Couple Hot Stone Foot
Rs. 2990  [$50]
Gifts Kamasutra Coasters
Drinking to get in the mood?
Rs. 225  [$4]
Gifts Love Mug
Your picture in hearts
Rs. 255  [$4]

Gifts Tequila Bat Tray
The right way to have your Tequila shots
Rs. 1350  [$23]
Gifts Kama Sutra Dice Set
Hot set of dice
Rs. 499  [$8]
Gifts Mini Klone
Create a clone of your favorite person!
Rs. 950  [$16]
Gifts Intimate Card Game
Card game for adults!
Rs. 545  [$9]
Gifts Romeo And Juliet Tribute
Become Romeo & Juliet!
Rs. 990  [$17]
Gifts Heritage Break
Flexible holiday gift pack
Rs. 6990  [$117]

Gifts I Love You Candle
The romantic candle
Rs. 1125  [$19]
Gifts Bliss - Combo Spa Treat
Relaxing ritual for the feet & hands
Rs. 935  [$16]
Gifts Glow In The Dark Boxer Shorts
Bulb and message glows in the dark!
Rs. 599  [$10]
Gifts Gold Rose 11 inches
Large gold-plated rose for someone special
Rs. 1550  [$26]
Gifts Sunrise Necklace
Rs. 300  [$5]
Gifts Personalised iPhone Cover
Personalise your iPhone
Rs. 499  [$8]

Gifts Man Cooking Apron
Fun apron with all accessories for him
Rs. 1375  [$23]
Gifts Personalised Samsung Galaxy Cover
Personalised cover for your Samsung phone
Rs. 499  [$8]
Gifts Beer Surprise
Beer lovers gift...
Rs. 1475  [$25]
Gifts Red Mosaic Candle Holder
Wonderful red glimmering candle holder
Rs. 1200  [$20]
Gifts Name A Star
For a loved one...
Rs. 1750  [$29]
Gifts Secret Hearts Diary
Diary for your deepest secrets
Rs. 799  [$13]

Gifts Whiskey Surprise
Whisky lovers' gift!
Rs. 3895  [$65]
Gifts High Heel Bottle Holder
Serve your liquor in style
Rs. 2350  [$39]
Gifts Custom Newspaper
Your own news
Rs. 525  [$9]
Gifts Wine Tasting Tour
Visit vineyards and taste wine!
Rs. 2000  [$33]
Make a giant greeting card out of a big cardboard box, (such as the type used to pack a refrigerator).
Itís romanticóbut commonplaceóto eat dinner by candlelight. So hereís a change of pace: Eat breakfast by candlelight.

Gifts Toolkit Wheel
Stylish toolkit for him
Rs. 875  [$15]
Gifts Name Pendant
Personalised with your name!
Rs. 2900  [$48]
Gifts Drunk Drama Queen Shotglasses
Crazy party shotglasses
Rs. 215  [$4]
Spend the entire day watching romantic movies.
Gifts Personalised Photo Jigsaw Puzzle
Pics on jigsaw...
Rs. 990  [$17]
Gifts Wrap Me Around You
Romantic throw blanket
Rs. 2800  [$47]

Gifts Disco Diva Feather Bra
For the wild nights!
Rs. 690  [$12]
Gifts Retro Phone Handset
Cool accessory for your phone!
Rs. 799  [$13]
Gifts Ring For Sex Bell
Bell for the good times
Rs. 475  [$8]
Buy a lottery ticket. Give it to your partner with a little note attached: "I hit the jackpot when I married you!"
Gifts Vodka Drinkers Glasses
Russian design vodka glasses
Rs. 400  [$7]
Gifts Love You Hamesha Pendant & Chain
Heart shaped pendant with chain
Rs. 1290  [$22]

Pick flowers for your partner from the side of the road.
Gifts Rejuvenation Experience
Relax the body & soul
Rs. 4900  [$82]
Gifts Mix Em Up Necklace
Stylish seeds and beads set!
Rs. 315  [$5]
Gifts Wooden Grapes Necklace
Grapes on your neck!
Rs. 375  [$6]
Gifts Hundred Reasons I Love You
Bucket with love quotes!
Rs. 750  [$13]
Gifts Jewelry Box
Multi purpose jewelry box
Rs. 1450  [$24]

Gifts Bar Tools Gift Set
Compact collection of bar tools
Rs. 3495  [$58]
Gifts Happy Hookers
Suggestive little key hooks
Rs. 390  [$7]
Gifts Beer Soap
Clean up with beer!
Rs. 525  [$9]
Gifts Dil Ki Chabi
Cool key-rack
Rs. 780  [$13]
Gifts Secret Box
The box that doesn't open!
Rs. 499  [$8]
Gifts Soulmates Mugs
Mug set for soulmates
Rs. 390  [$7]

Gifts Treasure Box
Antique looking storage box
Rs. 1875  [$31]
Donít just go out to a movie on Saturday, like always. Call your partner from work on Wednesday and formally ask for a date.
Gifts Automated Tie Rack
The senior executives tie rack
Rs. 3275  [$55]
Gifts Photo Mirror
Romantic vanity mirror with your picture
Rs. 550  [$9]
Gifts Love Clock
Clock with hearts and you!
Rs. 1125  [$19]
Gifts Sky Lanterns
Light up the sky
Rs. 650  [$11]

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