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Villa Pottipati, Malleshwaram Villa Pottipati, Malleshwaram

A garden home in Malleswaram, once the vegetarian-Brahmin stronghold of Bangalore. The name Pottipati derives from a village in Andhra Pradesh from where its owners, the Reddy family, originally migrated here.

Among the bustle of glass and concrete towers, relish pastoral charm, under a giant Shivalinga tree, Gulmohars, Jacarandas and Jack Fruit trees with parterres full of crotons and seasonal flowers. The intimacy of old-world-rooms , a granite pillared lounge with a skylight, with basic business hotel facilities and a small conference room.

When you stay at Villa Pottipati you join Bangalore’s fight to retain its magnificent heritage structures by making restoration a viable, self-sustainable tourism activity.
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