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Verandah In The Forest, Matheran Verandah In The Forest, Matheran

Raised like a dream in the Sahyadri ranges - a new path in the forest clears up in Matheran, the last British hill station. Chug up in a toy train or walk, trot, dandi in palanquins past the gigantic mansions built by the British, the Parsis, and the Bohras - for Matheran is Asia's only pedestrian hill resort.

Lounge like never before in a verandah of your dreams. Read under the highest domestic ceiling you would have known. Stroll down to Charlotte Lake. Relish the local cuisines. Find space for more space in your mind. 19th century peace now returns for Mumbai's residents again as they will lose themselves to find themselves anew.

While there visit the nearby Chardlotte lake, go for long walks, trekking and to view points.
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