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Darbargarh Palace, Morvi Darbargarh Palace, Morvi

Reflected in the Macchu river, the 19th century Darbargadh spreads out all the glory and magnificence of a century made eternal by the patronage of maharajas .
The Jadejas ruled Morvi from the 17th century, but the oldest wing of their palaces that remain at Darbargadh, dates back to circa 1885 and is credited to HH Shri Waghji Rawaji Thakore.
Wooden stairways lead to marble galleries that skirt the palace while spacious public areas lead to equally vast suites with bathrooms the size of apartments ! A palm-fringed garden sits on one edge while a fountain bubbles in one of the courts.
Kathiavad is rich in monuments even with an Indus Valley site at Lothal and pilgrim spots which can be accessed from Morvi
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