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Baby Handprints
Baby Handprints
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Gift a memorable experience that is a unique and exciting way of recording physical features of a baby from his first few months in the world.

When you gift this to someone we deliver a gift set to the recipients. This set can be used to setup an appointment at a specialised pottery to take hand and foot impressions of the child in clay.

These impressions are then transferred and turned into a permanent and framed memento through a special process at the pottery. The finished product takes another 15-30 days to finish and needs to be collected from the pottery. All information on the entire procedure is available in the gift pack initially sent out on purchase.

What's Delivered:
A gift pack that contains details of the activity, booking information, interesting trivia and a message from you is delivered. This is valid for a period of one year and can be used by the recipient at their convenience.

Only available for Delhi, NCR, Gurgaon.

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